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Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions
1.1. General terms and conditions: the present General terms and conditions.
1.2. BudgetFix: user of these general terms and conditions, the company that carries out repair work on consumer electronics.
1.3. Customer: any natural person or legal entity negotiating the conclusion of an agreement with BudgetFix and/or entering into an agreement with BudgetFix. BudgetFix and Customer are hereinafter collectively referred to as "parties".
1.4. Product: (defective) consumer electronics.

Article 2: Conclusion of the agreement and applicability of the General Terms and Conditions
2.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements between BudgetFix and the customer. The agreement is concluded at the moment a repair form signed by the customer is received by BudgetFix. The repair form is based on the information provided by the customer to BudgetFix at the time of reservation, such as the brand and type of the product to be repaired, description of the complaint, and accessories provided by the customer. The repair form is deemed to accurately and completely reflect the agreement.
2.2. The agreement replaces and supersedes all prior proposals, correspondence, agreements, or other communications, whether made in writing or orally.
2.3. By signing the repair form, the customer agrees to the inspection of the product provided by the customer.
2.4. The agreement is concluded for the specified product as stated on the repair form.
2.5. If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions is nullified, the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain in force. In such a case, the parties will negotiate to reach an agreement on an alternative provision that will, to the extent possible, approximate the original provision.
2.6. The applicability of any general terms and conditions used by the customer is explicitly rejected and does not form part of the agreement.
2.7. Any deviations from these General Terms and Conditions must be agreed upon in writing and are only valid if accepted in writing by BudgetFix.

Article 3: Complaints/defects
3.1. Repairs are based on the complaints or defects described by the customer on the repair form. 3.2. If during inspection it appears that there are other or multiple defects present in the product provided by the customer, BudgetFix will contact the customer prior to the repair work.

Article 4: Price
4.1. The price of the repair is determined solely based on the prices stated on the BudgetFix website (
4.2. If the price of a particular repair is not displayed on the BudgetFix website (, the customer can also request it by telephone or email.
4.3. If the repair costs exceed the previously agreed amount with the customer, BudgetFix will immediately contact the customer.
4.4. The price of the repair may be increased by shipping costs or call-out charges. This will be discussed with the customer beforehand.
4.5. All prices on the BudgetFix website ( include 21% VAT.


Article 5: Price quotation by email
5.1. The customer can request a price quotation by email from BudgetFix.
5.2. The price quotation by email shall include at least the repair amount, shipping costs, VAT rate, and VAT amount.

Article 6: Non-binding inspection
6.1. If during inspection of the product it is found that the price of the repair will be higher than the amount stated on the repair form or BudgetFix website, BudgetFix will contact the customer to inquire whether the customer agrees to have the repair carried out for that higher price.
6.2. In such cases, the repair will only be carried out after obtaining consent from the customer.
6.3. When the repair form or the BudgetFix website does not specify a repair amount and the price can only be determined after inspection, BudgetFix will contact the customer after inspection to provide the specific price. The customer will be asked whether the repair may be carried out for that amount. In that case as well, the repair will only be carried out after obtaining consent from the customer.
6.4. If the customer finds the price quotation too high or for any other reason does not wish to have the product repaired by BudgetFix, the customer may decline further services by BudgetFix. In this case, the customer will only pay the shipping costs for the return shipment of the product, if applicable.

Article 7: Quality
7.1. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, new original parts or, where customary for such parts, refurbished parts will be used in the repair.
7.2. Upon prior request by the customer, BudgetFix will provide the replaced parts, excluding the exchanged parts, to the customer.


Article 8: Data Loss
8.1. BudgetFix is not responsible for any loss of customer data.
8.2. Certain repairs, such as replacement of motherboards, replacement of hard drives, or software repairs, always involve data loss.
8.3. The customer is always responsible for backing up data.

Article 9: Liquid damage investigation
9.1. For a product that has incurred moisture damage, BudgetFix will charge a minimum of €39.00 regardless of whether the product can still be made operational or if the customer chooses not to repair the product due to excessive costs or costs compared to the value of the product.
9.2. The investigation costs as mentioned in article 9.1. are waived when the customer chooses to have the product repaired for the agreed amount between the parties.
9.3. The investigation costs as mentioned in article 9.1. are also waived if the customer has the defective product removed by BudgetFix in an environmentally friendly manner.
9.4. It may also occur that after the investigation, function improvement or reduction occurs due to corrosion of components in the defective product. BudgetFix cannot be held liable for this as it is a consequence of the incurred damage in combination with the attempt to repair the device.

Article 10: Liability
10.1. BudgetFix is liable for loss and theft of the product, its accessories, and accessories, as well as for any damage to them, occurring from the time of receipt until the time of return (shipment).
10.2. If during a repair, a part of a product is explicitly damaged by BudgetFix, BudgetFix is liable for this damage and will replace the part of the respective product free of charge.
10.3. If a product needs to be returned to the customer by post, BudgetFix always uses the 'registered insured shipment' service of PostNL. Compensation for registered insured shipment is EUR 500.00 up to EUR 5,000.00, depending on the value of the product. Only the material damage is reimbursed in the form of an identical or equivalent product.
10.4. The insurance referred to in article 10.3. is issued by PostNL and is handled by BudgetFix in case of loss or damage. BudgetFix reimburses the customer the damage amount immediately after PostNL has processed and approved the claim.
10.5. Article 10.3. may not be deviated from, unless the customer has indicated otherwise and confirmed this in an email conversation between the parties.

Article 11: Notification of Completed Repairs
After repair, the customer will receive notification via phone or email with a brief description of the performed work as well as the payment details for the repair.

Article 12: Warranty
12.1. BudgetFix provides a warranty of four (4) months on the repair work and the replaced parts of the respective product after completing the repair.
12.2. This warranty period starts from the moment the customer receives the product or from the moment the product is shipped to the customer.
12.3. For cleaning/maintenance services or repairs performed on products with lightning, water, sand, impact, or moisture damage, warranty is only provided for the replaced parts by BudgetFix, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the repair invoice.
12.4. Furthermore, the warranty expires if the product, repaired by BudgetFix, is opened by the customer or any other third party.
12.5. Warranty is automatically void in cases of Breakage, Impact, Shock, Pressure, and Liquid Damage, as mentioned in Article 12.1. 12.6. If within four months after the repair or shipment of the repaired product, the issues mentioned in Article 3 recur and their cause is clearly related to the previous repair, BudgetFix will attempt to rectify the defect under warranty.
12.6.a. Only the parts that were not replaced in the previous repair will be charged in case of the same cause of the complaint.
12.6.b. If it turns out that the cause of the complaint is different from that of the previous repair, the costs of the new repair as mentioned in Article 4 will be communicated to the customer, after which the customer may or may not agree to further handling of the repair.
12.6.c. The warranty period does not restart after a renewed repair.
12.6.d. A recurring complaint is not necessarily the same technical defect.
12.7. Repairs performed by BudgetFix may void the manufacturer's warranty.
12.8. Manufacturer's warranty applies to products younger than 2 years. 12.9. Breakage, damage due to impact, shock, or water is not covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Article 13: Unpaid Products/Services
13.1. If after three (3) consecutive written notifications via phone or email from BudgetFix to the customer that the product is ready, the customer fails to make payment within a period of two (2) months, the customer automatically agrees to relinquish the product to BudgetFix, thereby relinquishing ownership rights as per Article 5:2 of the Dutch Civil Code. The customer cannot reclaim the product based on ownership rights.
13.2. In cases as referred to in Article 13.1., BudgetFix is authorized to sell the product and recover the amount owed to them from the proceeds. Any additional costs incurred for recovering the owed amount are borne by the customer.
13.3. For products where it is determined after inspection that the device cannot be economically repaired, the customer will be informed via phone or email. The customer will also be given the option to receive the defective product back after payment of the registered insured return costs. If these costs are not paid within a period of four (4) weeks after notifying the customer, BudgetFix will ultimately proceed to dispose of the product in an environmentally friendly manner. There will be no further costs for the customer.
13.4. Deviation from Articles 13.2. and 13.3. is not permitted unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties in advance.


Article 14: Disputes
14.1. Dutch law applies to all disputes relating to repairs. Only a Dutch court is authorized to adjudicate these disputes.
14.2. All other disputes, notwithstanding the statutory rules regarding the jurisdiction of the civil court, if the District Court has jurisdiction, will be settled by the District Court in the place of business or district of the entrepreneur. However, BudgetFix retains the right to summon the customer before the court that is competent under the law or the applicable international treaty.
14.3. The customer has the right, within five (5) weeks after BudgetFix has invoked the preceding article, to opt for settlement of the dispute by the civil court competent under the law or the applicable international treaty.

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