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Lowest price guarantee

We at BudgetFix are committed to helping our customers as professionally and effectively as possible. Naturally, the price of a repair plays a significant role. That's why BudgetFix offers you, as a customer, a lowest price guarantee.

If you, as a customer, can prove that a particular repair is performed elsewhere at a lower cost, subject to the conditions below, BudgetFix will carry out the repair at the same price.


  1. The same repair must be within a radius of 20km.

  2. The repair must be carried out using exclusively original parts.

  3. The repair must be performed by an official and registered repair company.

  4. The price and price difference must be verifiable by BudgetFix (via a quote).

  5. The repair company must offer the same delivery times and warranties.

  6. Offers, differing conditions, delivery times, and warranties are excluded.

  7. The price difference must be present at the time the customer invokes the lowest price guarantee.

Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.
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